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Application in Process

It’s the time of year when we begin our application process for our annual shows.  Since we love to be outside, you will find most of our shows are outdoor events.  Many artists we have spoken with prefer the indoors with climate control and artificial lighting.  Not us.  We enjoy the challenge of summer weather in and around Greater Cincinnati and we welcome our guests with open arms.  Well, at least a smile and a friendly hello.

Some have asked why we don’t participate in this show, or in that one.  This blog is designed to explain the application process and just how it works.

First, we select festivals we would like to be included in and fill out an application, either online or through snail mail.  Professional pictures of our work are required (usually 4) as well as a picture of our booth.  The application itself may be one to four pages and usually asks for experience, training and an artist statement.  An application fee, which can range from $10-$50 is also included in the application process.  Booth fees are paid when we receive acceptance notification and these can range from $100-$500.  When everything is complete, we send the applications off with all fingers and toes crossed.  This is where the jury process begins.

Most fine art and craft shows have a jury process by which each applicant is screened for quality and workmanship as well as “suitability” for a particular event.  A few weeks after we submit our application, we will receive notification of acceptance or “regret”.  It’s almost like waiting for Christmas.

We are always open to new opportunities so, if you have a festival that you think we might fit into, please let us know.  You can reply to this blog or simply contact us through this website.   You can check out current “applications in process” (which simply means we still have our fingers crossed and haven’t yet received notification of acceptance).  If the shows listed under the “event” tab on the website do not have the phrase “application in process”, it means we have already been approved.

We are, at this point in our lives, beginning to reduce our festival presence.  Therefore, if you don’t see us where we’ve been before, we hope you understand.

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