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This is the method we use to achieve the perfect fit for your wire wrap bracelet.  We often get comments regarding sizing of our bracelets.  For instance, a customer may say “i wear a size 7″.  Although this may be true for a link bracelet, which has some amount of flexibility to it, it does not apply to wire bracelets which are more rigid.  This is why we always, always, always ask that you measure your wrist at the point of the small bone and then add one inch.  This will allow movement of your wire bracelet  and provide a more comfortable fit for you.  We also hear comments such as “but I like my bracelets to be large”.  Choosing one of our bracelets in a larger size will put the piece at risk for damage or loss, as they can be “banged around” or the clasp may open without your knowledge.  A bracelet that is too small will create discomfort for the wearer.

If you’re buying a gift for someone and don’t know the correct size, we will ask you a few questions to help select an appropriate size.   If you’ve ordered from us within the last 5 years, we have a database that will most likely have your size included.  So, if in doubt, just give us a call; we will be glad to guide you through the process.


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