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We’ve added to our collection.  The above picture of 3 bracelets is now available on our website,  The bottom picture is of the person for whom the bracelet was named:

Nora’s Orbs

In early 2014 a tiny baby girl was born.  She is a lover of all things musical and spends a lot of her day in song and dance.  Her grandma is a good friend of Val’s.  In many photos and videos of “Nora”, orbs will appear, sometimes in motion.  We have selected this newest addition to our catalog to honor the spirit and courage of this tiny dancer who continues to inspire and awe with her progress on a sometimes difficult journey.

Nora arrived with the new year and was confronted with early challenges that will remain with her for most of her life.  She is accompanied on her journey by orbs of light.  Perhaps they are her guardian angels, making sure her spirit remains strong.  Perhaps, if we look closely, there are orbs on our Journey as well.

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